Product Code: STAT.FROGTUFF002C-900R
What am I used for?

Tuff Post is designed to raise the height of a height safety system using a 900mm.  End anchor designed to be mounted into a concrete as attachment points for the cable to start and terminate at.

  • Designed to raise the height of Frogline system.
  • Tall enough to extend over garden beds, parapet walls, solar panels, air conditioning systems etc.
  • Extends through false ceilings.
  • Easy waterproofing with no base reinforcing obstructions.
  • Tuff Post is made entirely from 316 stainless steel.
  • Installs onto minimum concrete thickness 150mm.
  • Must be chemically fastened (Chemical Adhesive).
  • Designed to be anchored into concrete (steel bolted version available).

4 max Per System

Multi-Directional 360

Product Information

TUFF POST is a sealed unit made entirely from stainless steel. Designed to be submerged into garden beds, water and other mediums.

The TUFF POST raises the height of the system enabling the system to protrude above garden beds, parapet walls, solar panels, air conditioning systems and any other obstacles located on the roof. This enables the user or users to walk freely, reducing entanglement with obstacles.

The TUFF POST can be installed into steel or concrete structures. All our TUFF POSTS are designed to install onto minimum 150mm concrete slab thickness, which cater to local and global building designs/structures.

The TUFF POST when installed with a lifeline is used with SafetyLink’s energy absorbing FrogLine Lifeline. The FrogLine Lifeline has advanced shock absorbing serpentines designed into each anchor with innovative built-in fall indicators. Therefore reducing the load off the structure and the person in the event of a fall.

Continuous connection with 8mm stainless steel cable, utilising the FrogLine Shuttle System, up-to four users per system, two per span.

Product Components
Product Code Product Description Quantity
FROGLINE END FrogLine Base End 1
BOLT-M16x50mm-SS Bolt: 16mm x 50mm Set Screw 1
WASHER M16_SPRING Spring Washer: M16 1
WASHER M16_DONUT Washer: DonutLink M16 1
TUFF-POST900R TUFF-POST 900mm(Round) 1
CON-M16x160 Anchor Rod M16x160, M16 Nut, M16 Spring Washer & M16 Washer 4
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