Leaders in Fall Protection

Roof Anchors

Energy Absorbing
Fast simple units to install
Patented Design

Horizontal Lifelines

Energy Absorbing
Low profile patented design
Fall indicators

Rail Systems

4 users per system
Abseil and Fall Arrest capabilities
Bespoke fixtures

Ladder Stabilisers

Prevents sideways movement
Stabilisers ladder
Easy to install, unobtrusive

Permanent Ladders

Ergonomically designed rungs
Heavy gauge aluminium
Swaged rungs for extra strength

Expert Fall Protection Planning

SafetyLink’s design and planning team are here to help work out the positioning of your fall protection system. Ensuring all areas of your roof are accessed safely.

Things to consider when planning your roof layout:

Are all areas of your roof protected, allowing complete access when working at heights?

Are you protected from the ground up, allowing complete access to your roof?

Detailed comprehensive documentation should be provided e.g. installation guides, testing results and data sheets on the product.

SafetyLink can provide you with a qualified and reputable installer of SafetyLink products.

Contact our design team at info@safetylink.com and we can plan your fall arrest system for you.

About SafetyLink


SafetyLink designs, engineers and manufactures height safety equipment, roof anchors, horizontal lifeline systems, horizontal rail systems, permanent ladders and PPE equipment. Our products enable workers everywhere to complete jobs working at heights with building safety requirements being met ensuring safety standards are maintained throughout. Our design team works overtime to produce original quality tested fall protection equipment.

SafetyLink was established in Australia in 1998, and has fast become a leading brand exporting worldwide for personal height safety equipment. Renowned for pioneering the first energy absorbing anchor point and leading the way in the fall protection industry, this same technology is being applied to our horizontal lifeline systems.

SafetyLink’s height safety product range includes permanent roof anchors, horizontal lifeline systems, horizontal rail systems (X-Rail), permanent ladder systems, ladder stabilisers, fall protection devices, temporary anchor and personal protection equipment. SafetyLink’s height safety roof anchors are designed to absorb energy, reducing the risk of injury to the person and damage to the structure. SafetyLink’s roof anchor range includes the patented FrogLink, TileLink, RetroLink, ConcreteLink, Tuff Post, LadderLink and our Temporary Roof Anchor the TempLink 3000.

SafetyLink’s roof anchors, horizontal lifelines and rail systems can be installed to a multitude of materials and roof profiles for example; concrete floor / wall / overhead, steel retro fit or surface mounted.  We have evolved to suit the market of building and design materials therefore creating superior products.

SafetyLink have a reliable network of trained height safety distributors / installers / engineers throughout Australia and New Zealand, distributing all our roof anchors in NSW, QLD, VIC, WA, NT, TAS, SA, ACT and NZ. SafetyLink’s team provide our customers with comprehensive up-to-date training, data and technical information to ensure a high quality product and service is being produced.

SafetyLink also distribute roof safety systems globally to USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, UAE, Asia and Antarctica please email for any global order requests info@safetylink.com.

All SafetyLink products undergo extensive testing in a multitude of scenarios by accredited testing facilities and comply to AS/NZS 1891.4, EN 795:2012, CEN/TS 16415:2013, AS/NZS 5532-2013. SafetyLink’s experienced technical team is complemented with comprehensive installation manuals and testing certificates. We have national qualified installers keeping your assets safe.

Come back and visit us again! We are constantly updating our website with the latest height safety and fall protection information.

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