Expert Fall Protection Planning

SafetyLink’s design and planning team are here to help work out the positioning of your fall protection system. Ensuring all areas of your roof are accessed safely.

Things to consider when planning your roof layout:

  • Are all areas of your roof protected, allowing complete access when working at heights?
  • Are you protected from the ground up, allowing complete access to your roof?
  • Detailed comprehensive documentation should be provided e.g. installation guides, testing results and data sheets on the product.
  • SafetyLink can provide you with a qualified and reputable installer of SafetyLink products.

Contact our design team at and we can plan your fall arrest system for you.

SafetyLink Unique Product Installations

SafetyLink has completed over 1000 different lifeline and anchor layouts below are some examples of our more interesting projects. Contact SafetyLink’s design team to help on your next challenge.

FrogLine Horizontal Lifeline

Installed onto a glass awning in Darling Harbour Sydney

FrogLine Horizontal Lifeline

Installed into steel posts on a mine site in Christchurch New Zealand

FrogLine Horizontal Lifeline

Installed onto metal roof at Nepean Hospital Australia

Classic Horizontal Lifeline

Installed onto a metal roof at Fiji Airport

FrogLine Horizontal Lifeline

Installed into concrete on a residential building block in Sydney Australia

Rope Access Roof Anchors

Installed into concrete for rope access in Newcastle Australia

FrogLink Permanent Roof Anchor

Installed onto metal at Hunter Wetlands Australia

TileLink Permanent Roof Anchor

Installed into timber rafters, episode winner on ABC1 New Inventors

FrogLine Horizontal Lifeline

Installed onto a metal roof in Brisbane Australia

Fixed LadderLink

Recognised as Australian Made

FrogLine Horizontal Lifeline

Installed onto a plywood roof in Maitland Australia

SafetyLink designing the right fall protection for your solar installation and keeping you safe whilst working at heights.

Renewable energy sources such as solar are a smart popular solution to reducing your maintenance costs. This modern day technology is great, however installing these systems or maintaining these systems poses a number of working at heights risks. Are you complying with current building safety requirements, ensuring safety standards are maintained throughout?

Is your customer’s roof safe?

Most solar manufacturers recommend cleaning solar panels twice a year, this results in a 3 to 5% efficiency. With SafetyLink’s innovative fall protection installed you can achieve this efficiency by maintaining solar systems safely and as per current building standards.

SafetyLink’s compact energy absorbing anchors and lifelines are the perfect fit to any solar system. Our low profile, multi-directional and discrete systems can be placed into the desired location enabling safe access as per current building standards to the entire solar system.

A fall is never an anticipated event when working at heights, therefore the direction of your fall cannot be accurately predicted.

Keep your workers and your customers safe, install a SafetyLink anchor system!