Concretelink - Safetylink Concrete Roof Anchor

Product Code: CONCL001
What am I used for?

An anchor point designed for use in concrete, where the eyebolt will remain exposed for attachment.

  • 360 Degrees.
  • 316 Stainless Steel.
  • Multi-directional fall protection.
  • Single person anchor, rated at 15kN.
  • Must be chemically fastened (Chemical Adhesive).
  • Fall arrest and rope access anchor.
  • Complies with Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1891.4.
  • Energy absorbing eyebolt, which reduces the force on the person and the structure.

1 Rated 15kn

Multi-Directional 360

Concrete Roof

Rope Access

Product Information
Concretelink Roof Anchor

SafetyLink’s ConcreteLink is an extremely versatile anchor with a number of different eyebolt/insert combinations. The eyebolt range starts with SafetyLink’s Standard Eyebolt which is designed for fall arrest, it’s long tapered stem is designed to absorb energy while arresting a fall therefore reducing the load off the structure and the person in the event of a fall.

Alternatively SafetyLink’s Abseiling Eyebolt is a fall arrest rope access anchor which uses the same tapered concept as the standard eyebolt but incorporates a shorter design enabling the eyebolt to withstand a live load without activating the bending motion that occurs when arresting a fall. Where a low profile design is more desirable a Collared Eyebolt can be used to achieve this.

Product Components
Product Description Quantity
Concrete Insert 316SS 1
Abseil Eyebolt 316SS with 16mm nut 1

(refer to appendix diagrams 2 and 3 of the Handbook)

The first ConcreteLink Anchor Point must be in a position easily and safely reached by a secured ladder or a manhole access point.

Testing for Free fall-arrest for one person. 15 kN ultimate strength.
1. To comply with Australian Standards each ConcreteLink unit must be tested after installation.
2. Allow sufficient time for curing before testing, see instructions on fastener container.
3. Test consists of ultimate pull out force proof loading to 50% of design purpose of anchorage.
4. Recommended chemical anchor: Hilti RE500 or Hilti HY200 as per Hilti Product Supplement Data Sheets. Read instructions on product carefully. The entire surface of the ConcreteLink unit that is in contact with the concrete must have sufficient adhesive gel, as specified on the product.