Retrolink Raised - Safetylink Retro Mounted Roof Anchor

Product Code: RETRO004
What am I used for?

An anchor point designed for use on metal roofing/steel purlin structure.
Installation is a simple task requiring no access from underside of the roof.

  • Fits to the profile of the roof sheeting.
  • For use on metal roof/steel purlin structures.
  • 316 Stainless steel construction.
  • Multi-directional fall protection.
  • Single person anchor.
  • Rated at 15kN.
  • Complies with: AS/NZS 1891.4 EN 795:2012, CEN/TS 16415:2013 AS/NZS 5532-2013

1 Rated 15kn

Multi-Directional 360

C Or Z Purlin

Product Information
Retrolink Raised Roof Anchor

The SafetyLink Patented RetroLink can be installed onto a metal C or Z purlin, where no access is available from underneath the roof.

  • Easy Installation into concealed areas.
  • Fits to Steel Columns and Beams, no access is required.
  • Versatile unit accommodating any 16mm threaded component.

SafetyLink RetroLink anchors installed to the raised section of roof sheet profiles are not suitable for rope access/abseiling due to potential roof sheet distortion under live loadings.

The anchor is a fall arrest anchor with an unobtrusive design that requires no special tooling and minimal penetration to the roof sheeting.

The RetroTube and Washer component can also be used as a versatile unit accommodating any 16mm threaded component.

Installation is a simple process requiring only one hole to be drilled into the roof sheeting and through the purlin, a waterproofing washer combined with an o ring seals the hole.

The SafetyLink Retro Eyebolt is tested to AS NZS 5532-2013 standards and rated to 15kN. It is designed to bend like a fishing pole reducing the load back on the structure and the person attached to the anchor.

Product Components
Product Description Quantity
Retro Eyebolt: 316 Stainless Steel with o-ring 1
Retro Raised Stainless Steel Washer with Rubber 1
Retro Stainless Steel Tube with Positioning Ties 1
16mm SS Washer (between o-ring & 50od washer) 1

(refer to appendix diagrams 2 and 3 of the Handbook)
The first RetroLink anchor point must be in a position easily and safely reached by a secured ladder or a manhole access area.

Steel purlins must be a minimum 1.2mm gauge and be correctly secured in accordance with current Australian Building Codes.

If any doubt exists with the strength of the structure an engineer should make the assessment.