SafetyLink FrogLine installed into posts in New Zealand

SafetyLink has completed over 1000 different lifeline and anchor layouts below are some examples of our more interesting projects. Contact SafetyLink’s design team to help on your next challenge.

FrogLine installed into posts in Nelson New Zealand

What am I used for?

FrogLine Installed at Cawthron Institute – Nelson New Zealand, on a post around a test pool – Line used to offer safe access into the pool; for cleaning.

Tuff Post is designed to raise the height of a height safety system using a 300mm.  End anchor designed to be mounted into concrete as attachment points for the cable to start and terminate at.

  • TUFF-POST is designed to raise the height of FrogLine system.
  • TUFF-POST is made entirely from 316 stainless steel.
  • Installs onto minimum concrete thickness 150mm.
  • Designed to be submerged into garden beds, water and other mediums.
  • Designed to be anchored into concrete (steel bolted version available).

4 max Per System

Multi-Directional 360

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