Safetylink Pole Ladderlink

Product Code: LADFX006
What am I used for?

Permanent mount for ladders on poles/trees. Secures and stabilizes the ladder against rounded surfaces.

  • Creates a safe and secure ladder entry point. Eliminating ladder slippage on the pole.
  • Designed to be mounted to poles or trees, with five fixing holes for screws.
  • Comes with two optional ladder rung retaining saddles to permanently fit ladder to pole so ladder can be raised to restrict access if desired.
  • Made from marine grade aluminium.
  • Weight 2kg.
  • 30cm wide x 25cm high x 25cm deep.

Product Information
Pole Ladderlink

The polelink is designed to be installed on multiple poles/trees on high ropes courses to create quick safe access whether that be for participant entry to a course or for staff rescue situations. Pole LadderLink has been made from quality materials to have an extended life when permanently installed outside.

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Installing Pole Ladderlink
Read all of these instructions prior to installation, someones life may depend on it.
Pole ladderlink should only be installed by a competent person.
Pole ladderlink should be inspected regularly for damage, by a competent person and replaced/removed from service if damage is suspected.