Gesipa Nose Ejector

Product Code: GESIPA-RV8840-9K
What am I used for?

For use with Gesipa Powerbird BT Cordless Rivet Tool & Hand Tool.

  • Nose Piece: 9/32BT Side eject nose assembly & adaptor.
  • Used in conjunction with bulbtite rivets, RV6605-9-6W
    (drill size 7.8-8.2mm, 27.7mm length, 1.0-9.5mm grip range).
  • Eliminate swarf contamination within the tool = prevents possible damage to the nose/jaw assembly and saves time in cleaning.

Metal Roof

Product Information
Gesipa Nose Ejector

Bulb-Tite® rivet is held captive when installed in the side eject nose tip = one hand operation to install rivet.

Increased stroke length = should only require 1 trigger movement to install the rivet.

Extended nose length = more ergonomic installation and much improved access into narrow channels.

Incorporates special nose tip for swaging crown on installed Bulb-Tite® rivets = easy alignment on rivet head and optimum mandrel sealing when installed.

Product Components
Product Code Product Description Quantity
GESIPA001.10 Gesipa Nose Ejector 1