Safetylink Flying Fox Brake Block

What am I used for?

SafetyLink’s brake block is for use in assisting to arrest participants at the end of flying fox’s. Designed to work in conjunction with engineered counter weight/sprung braking systems.

  • Suits 8mm – 18mm Cable.
  • All Hex head bolts, washers, spring washers & nuts are 304 Stainless Steel.
  • Brackets are made from one piece 304 Stainless Steel for long life cycle.
  • Black high quality nylon ram blocks for minimum wear on cable and pulleys.
  • Dual anchor points allow for easy rotation allowing maximum block life.
  • Comes with a steel karabiner for ease of attachment to a brake line.
  • Weight: 5.5kg. Size: 250mm x 210mm.

Product Information
Flying Fox Brake Block

Whilst in a safe work position install the Fox Brake Block into a suitable position so it will remain above the users head height at all times.

  1. Remove all the bolts on the Fox Brake Block keeping components in matched pairs for re-installation.
  2. Place the black components of the Fox Brake Block over the flying fox cable in the required position.
  3. Re-install the Fox Brake Block straps and assemble the bolts ensuring they are tightened evenly. Be sure to place the strap components in the initial position you found them for exact fitting.

NOTE: The Fox Brake Block utilises bolts/nuts that are made from 304 stainless steel for long life in the outdoors. The inherent issue with this material is that if over tightened/loaded they may become “seized”, if this happens the bolt will not loosen. To prevent this issue “Nickel anti-seize” has been put on all threads. This should not be removed during installation and when the unit is taken apart in the future fresh anti-seize will need to be applied (petroleum jelly will do the same job).

It is advisable to use a clamp to aid in the installation of these bolts to prevent the seizing of these bolts/nuts.

Ensure that the bolts/ nuts are tightened evenly from both sides of the mounting bracket, this will give an even distribution of load to the threads. Be careful NOT TO OVER TIGHTEN.

The Fox Brake Block components are paired and therefore fit together smoothly in their pairs. When installing ensure pairs are re-assembled the same way as to result in an exact fit.

The Fox Brake Block is now ready for use with a suitable brake system.

We recommend regular inspections for wear/damage and rotation of the block to aid in maximum lifespan.

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Installing Brake Block
Read all of these instructions prior to installation, someones life may depend on it.
Fox brake block should only be installed by a competent person.
Fox brake block should be inspected regularly for damage, by a competent person and replaced/removed from service if damage is suspected.