Product Code: STAT.SHUTL003
What am I used for?
  • SafetyLink’s FrogLine Shuttle incorporates flawless functionality with a durable solid stainless steel construction.
  • The frog shaped design was derived from a need to weight the shuttle to achieve perfect alignment with the FrogLine’s intermediate and corner anchors. This feature allows the shuttle smooth continuous connection whilst traversing the length of the horizontal lifeline.
  • The unique look also makes the FrogLine shuttle easily identifiable as belonging to the SafetyLink FrogLine permanent horizontal lifeline system.
  • The FrogLine’s shuttles multifaceted locking system is a user friendly connecting method that ensures only deliberate actions by the operator will enable safe engagement and disengagement from the horizontal lifeline.
  • Intended for use with 8mm stainless steel cables.

1 Person

Product Information

Introducing the NEW FrogLine Lifeline. Based on the sound engineering principles of the patented FrogLink anchor point, SafetyLink’s all NEW patented FrogLine horizontal lifeline is in a class of its own.

Product Components
Product Code Product Description Quantity
KARBNR034 Karabiner: Tri-Lock 1
STAT.SHUTL003.02 FrogLine Shuttle: 316 Stainless Steel 1

The building or structure for the anchorages must be assessed by an engineer, unless it is clear to a competent person that the structure is adequate.

Maximum user per system is Four (4).
Maximum person per span is Two (2).
See system information for site specific use.

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