SafetyLink Unique Product Installations

SafetyLink has completed over 1000 different lifeline and anchor layouts below are some examples of our more interesting projects. Contact SafetyLink’s design team to help on your next challenge.

SafetyLinks TileLink roof anchor installed onto rafters

What am I used for?

An anchor point designed for use on timber rafters with tiled roof, will arrest from any direction. Enquire about our TileLink steel rafter option.

Installed onto rafters the TileLink is the perfect solution for tiled roofs. The TileLink won an award on ABC1 New Inventors for its energy absorbing qualities along with eliminating water proofing issues, when installing the TileLink there is no need to cut the sarking.

The TileLink is a great asset for either residential or commercial buildings were roof maintenance is a priority.

1 Rated 15kn

Multi-Directional 360

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