Those of us in the industry are well aware of how much work and commitment it takes to publish and maintain such an IMMENSE RESOURCE. We very much appreciate the service you're providing us, and find it to be an INVALUABLE DATABASE. I make use of it at least 3-4 times a week, and would be lost without it."

- E.R. of Precept Techology, Inc.

Most comprehensive tool available in the area of product safety and compliance."

- Compliance-Engineering Magazine (May/June 1999)

BRILLIANT! A constructive use of the internet."

- M.D. of The London Observer

Your site is the BEST web reference; I'm glad to promote it to staff and customers alike."

- S.Z. of Canadian Standards Association

GREAT Net Site!"

- L.T. of Inchcape Testing/TestMark Labs

Congratulations on your SUCCESSFUL website."

- L.F. of MET Laboratories, Inc.

GREAT JOB on Safety Link. My Hotlist is a lot shorter now."

- D.V. of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

Referring to it as "Art Michael's Jewel of a Web Site: I just took a brief tour of your offerings. OUTSTANDING! I will need a 30 hour day just to keep up with you."

- W.V. of the Federal Comunications Commission

I visited your site and find it to be TOP NOTCH. Readers are directed to the Safety Link, which is described as 'probably the best set of links to standards and product safety resources (ISO, IEC, OSHA, UL, etc), environmental and telecom resources and other useful links.'"

- S.O in "Designfax Magazine"

Clearly the MOST USEFUL web page I have ever seen. An excellent combination of pointers."

- R.J. of Digital Equipment Corp.

Very nice page! Lots of USEFUL links. "

- S.R. of Hewlett Packard

GREAT safety information -- I will recommend it to my associates."

- A.W. of Stanley Tool Co.

We are very IMPRESSED with your page. We would like to add your home page to ours if it is OK with you."

- T.S. of Text Trieve

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