A SAFETY LINK FAQ for Corporate Supporters

Founded in 1995, the Safety Link is”The Web’s Most Comprehensive
Collection of Electrical Product Safety & Standards Resources”.

The Safety Link offers an advertising and marketing opportunity to those
active in the field of electrical product safety compliance. Firms who
are interested in sponsoring an “Enhanced Link”, to set themselves out
from the other 600+ links on our site, should consider the following:

WHAT IS AN ENHANCED LINK? An “Enhanced Link” is
just that: 1) A means of gaining an up-front position, for your link, on
the Safety Link, and; 2) an Enhanced (increased) font-size for an
additional mention of your site, located in the sub-section of your choice.

Both offer the opportunity to enhance the visibility of your link and
differentiate it from the balance of the 600+ links which comprise the
Safety Link’s offerings. Additional listings can be purchased if you wish
to be listed in more than one sub-section. These can be directed to
specific links on your site; and each can bear different “tag lines”, if
you prefer.

RANDOM-LINK FEATURE: We’ve added a random link
feature a while ago – at no additional cost – for our Corporate Supporters.
The topmost link on the site now reads, “YOUR visit to the Safety Link is
sponsored by: [[Corporate Supporter Link + Tag Line]] Please take a
moment to familiarize yourself with their site & the next time you are
in contact with them, say, “THANKS for supporting the Safety Link!”

The area within the brackets above [[ ]] will be replaced by a random
selection from the links in the Corporate Supporter’s section. Based on
our current visitor rate, you should expect to be top-listed 15-25 times a
day (or more). This linkage scheme markedly increases the click-thru rate
for all of our Corporate Supporters.

STATISTICS: The Safety Link went on the “air” in the
summer of 1995 and our counter was started in December of that year.
We recently noted the entry of our 935,000th visitor, (of which nearly
50,000 have been seen in just the past year). Note that the counter,
which can be viewed by all at the bottom of our page, is incremented
once for each download of the top page (which contains the bulk of our
site’s offerings). It does not count those who might jump into the middle
of the Safety Link.

Each workday we see 200+ visitors (and when something appears in
print, the visitor count rises appreciably. That’s “the power of the
press” evidencing itself).

Hits (which reflect a visitor’s selection of a specific file from the main
page – of which there a few) run at about 3-5 times the visitor
count and has exceeded 2500/day on occasion.

The Safety Link is referenced by more than 1000 sites in 25+ countrys (as
far as we can deduce, using a number of search tools). We are listed in
the TOPMOST non-sponsored position on Google, Altavista, Yahoo Search,
MSN Search (and other search tools). Forty percent of the queries received
for Int’l Product Safety News (the site’s publisher), via the Safety Link,
have originated from outside of the U.S. (in 125+ countries).

REFERENCES: Corporate Supporters who have reached
their renewal points over the past 10+ years have nearly all renewed (with
the exception of a very few – mostly those who wanted “larger” represen-
tations on our site). Many have expanded their presence with additional
sub-section links – we believe that’s a pretty good reference.

OTHERS SAY: If you are interested in how others perceive the Safety
Link, visit our site; near the top of the page you will find a link to
unsolicited testimonials/kudos & attaboys.

WE ARE: The Safety Link is published by Arthur E. Michael, Editor &
Publisher of “International Product Safety News”, the newsletter devoted
to electrical product safety compliance, founded in 1988.

THE FUTURE: Join us as the next Corporate Supporter of an “Enhanced

THE COST: The annual fee for an Enhanced Link for 1 year, as of
this writing (January 2008 is US$ 650.00; this fee includes an Enhanced
Listing in one sub-section (Safety, for example) of your choice.
Additional Enhanced Listings or mentions (Safety, EMC, Telecom, Quality,
Seminars, etc), beyond that in the initial sub-section, are US$ 100.00
each, per year.

If this opportunity interests you please contact me to sign-up and
join our list of Corporate Supporters. I look forward to your response.
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, comments, etc.

Best regards, Art Michael, Webmaster – the Safety Link

Int’l Product Safety News
A.E. Michael, Editor
166 Congdon St. East
P.O. Box 1561 SL
Middletown CT 06457 U.S.A.

Phone : (860) 344-1651
Fax : (860) 346-9066
Email : ipsn at safetylink.com
Website: http://www.safetylink.com
ISSN : 1040-7529

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