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[BSI Publications Available] All BSI Publications Available, see listings below - more to follow. If you don't see a BSI publication listed, please call. We are an Authorized Reseller of BSI's publications and can supply anything they offer.
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  • 1st Annual IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society Symposium Proceedings (a CD-RoM), Copyright 2004. This CD-RoM contains 30+ presentations covering the workshops, sesions & technical papers on product safety standards & regualtions as well as the Chairman's Message, Committee List and Table of Contents. All presentations in Adobe pdf format.
  • BSI's "World Electricity Supplies" includes listings for 200 countries. Updated in 2002, it is the most authoritative tabulation available
  • BSI's "Electrical Plugs and Wiring" includes plug configurations/types for more than 182 countries. Completely revised in 2003, it serves as a companion to BSI's "World Electricity Supplies" listed above
  • BSI's "Electrical Products: Approval Marks and Certification Schemes, An International Survey". Also published in 2000, this publication sets out to identify the various schemes, the marks and the controlling authority.
  • "CE123... A Guide to Understanding European Technical Regulations and CE Marking" A CD-ROM and Book devoted to practical and systematic review of the CE Marking system. A multilayered training manual and system complete with CD ROM including slide show and video clips. Revised in 2002, Published by Center for International Regulatory Assistance (CITRA - Duquesne U.)
  • "CE Marking Handbook" - A practical approach to Global Safety Certification, by Dave Lohbeck. This handbook is written for engineers and managers responsible for implementing a CE Marking compliance program. Copyright 1998, 144+ Pages
  • "Electrical Product Safety, A Step-by-Step Guide to LVD Self Assessment" (with Disk) - A practical and easy-to-follow guide to assist manufacturers with little or no experience in European Conformity Assessment to understand the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 73/23/EEC. Authors: D. Holland, J. Tzimenakis, 230 pages + Disk (Sample Test Reports and Checklists - MSWord Format)
  • "Practical Guide to the Low Voltage Directive" - Provides detailed guidance notes to EN 60950, one of the most widely used harmonised standards and provides illustrated examples of non-compliant products and suggests solutions. Author: Gregg Kervill, 216 pages
  • "Functional Safety" - A Straightforward Guide to IEC 61508 and Related Standards - assists understanding IEC 61508 and explains the practical & management issues raised by this important international standard for safety-critical systems. Author: David J Smith, MD of Silvertech - a supplier of safety- critical systems & member of IEC Committee, 208 pages, Copyright 2001
  • "The New Approach, Legislation, and Standards on the Free Movement of Goods in Europe" - 3rd Edition, JAN 2000 (A CD-ROM by CEN/CENELEC)
  • "Manufacturer's Guide to the '950' Standards" focuses on the needs of manufacturers shipping ITE to the U.S., Canada and the European Union. This CD-ROM includes 3 guides (to IEC 950 & EN60950; IEC 60950; UL 60950 & CAN/CSA 22.2 No. 60950) in Adobe .pdf format. By Ed Eszlari, The Product Safety Zone, Copyright 2002
    "Understanding the EMC Directive" - Everything Made Clear, Authors: D. Holland and J. Tzimenakis, 180+ Pages, Published by Gainspeed Ltd., JAN 2000. This book was written to dispel the notion that EMC is a "black art" and to familiarize manufacturers with the EMC Directive
  • "EMC for Product Designers" - Meeting the European EMC Directive: Widely regarded as the standard text on EMC, this book provides all the latest information necessary to meet the requirements of the EMC Directive; By Tim Williams, a UK based EMC consultant with 20 years experience.
  • "EMC For Systems and Installations" by Tim Williams & Keith Armstrong complements Tim's highly successful "EMC For Product Designers" (listed above) widely regarded as the standard text on EMC (See listing, below). It is a guide for systems designers and installers faced with the day-to-day issues of achieving EMC. Publ'd JAN 2000, 312 pages
  • "The EMC, Telecom and Computer Encyclopedia Handbook," 3rd Ed., 1999. By Don White of emf-emi control, Inc., A CD-RoM
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  • "Corporate Health and Safety" - Managing Environmental Issues in the Workplace - is designed to provide up-to-date information on risk-assessment and management techniques as well as contemporary and thoughtful perspectives on six of the most frequently addressed environmental concerns.
  • "Safety, Reliability & Risk Management : An Integrated Approach" by Sue Cox and Robin Tait. This book examines the concepts of systems reliability and the techniques for determining both 'technical' and 'human' hazards and risks.
  • "Int'l Product Safety News" the newsletter devoted to Electrical Product Safety Compliance - Now in our 17th year.
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